Sun Meditation for the New Generation  

Sooyrayog is a Way of Life with Love for Sun and Nature
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What is Sooryayog?

Sooryayog is an ancient yet advanced Sun meditation technique, philosophy, and way of life. It is the meditation for the new generation! It balances, cleanses, purifies, and energizes the body and the mind. Sooryayog cures many diseases by using Sun’s curative energy. It really is a simple process which anyone can learn and benefit from. 

The great source of all energy for the Earth, the Sun, works miracles on our body, mind and spirit when you practice Sooryayog.  You have to experience this Truth to know it for yourself.  Actually, we can’t imagine a life without the Sun.  It provides everything for us – not only light and warmth, but also food, water, air, and energy – our very existence is dependent on the sun!  Realizing this dependency, with a humble, thankful heart, we open ourselves to the miracles which the Sun and Mother Nature readily give us.

"Nature is highly balanced and blissful. Come back to nature and follow your geo rhythm; that is Sooryayog, a technique for all religions. It's a science based on inner light. Sooryayog is for physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health. The technique is simple: eat light, drink light. All you have to do is follow the rules of Mother Nature. If you are peaceful, you will smile and you will be able to love others".  

The technique was revealed by the Masters to Sri Soorya Jowel (Sooryaji), during his meditative years in the Himalayas. Having realized the immense potential and benefit of Sooryayog,  Sooryaji decided to teach this technique to all people of the world.  Sooryayog crosses all boundaries of religion and nationality.  Anyone, anywhere, can benefit from practicing this technique to draw the curative powers from the Sun.

Here’s some of the benefits of practicing Sooryayog:

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Problems Helped
Added Benefits

Cancer - Especially breast cancer
Sugar problems - Diabetes
High Blood Pressure
Cardiac Disorders
Respiratory ailments – Asthma
Joint pain –Arthritis
Eye and Skin problems
Headaches – Migraines
Lack of Energy
Anxiety, Stress, Tension
Mental disorders - Depression
Stomach and Digestive disorders
Reduced Hormonal Imbalances
Lack of Focus

Increase Concentration & Stamina
Reduced Hunger due to Intake of Solar Energy
More Self-Confidence
Positive Attitude and Outlook
Inner Peace and Calm
Greater Devotion towards Nature
Expansion of Love
More Energy and Vitality
More Restful Sleep
Improved Values in Life
Communal Harmony
Greater Longevity
Academic Excellence

Sooryayog can be practiced by anyone during the first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset. The practice consists of gazing directly at the Sun for few minutes, with a silver coin (specially designed for the purpose) affixed on the forehead and breathing exercise, followed by meditation.  It requires genuine love and admiration for nature and a humble reverence towards the Sun, the giver and sustainer of life on this planet.  It is a non-strenuous yoga meditation that takes less than 30 minutes a day and can be practiced by anyone. (CAUTION: Do not look at the Sun directly until you have learned Sooryayog properly)

To learn Sooryayog, contact us via email.  The sessions are FREE and open to anyone who wants to learn and practice Sooryayog.

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