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Sooyrayog is a Way of Life with Love for Sun and Nature
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Learn And Practice - Steps of Sooryayog

You must not entertain any doubt or fear for SUN. Start the practice with abundant faith and love for the Primary Energy Source. This is not a ritual. We are not asking you to worship SUN the way you worship Gods. Through Sooryayog we are asking you to develop a Loving relationship with the SUN, a love that grows deeper and deeper as days pass. It creates such a longing in your mind, that even if you miss the SUN one day, you feel sad. When you get attached more and more, a time will come when SUN will automatically detach you for your own self development.

Treat SUN as your friend. Share your joys and sorrows with him. Talk to him just like you talk with your friend. Give him the prominent place in your heart and see how your life and personality changes.  By the practice of Sooryayog, you establish a link between yourself and the power that governs and gives life to the whole Universe, the Sun..

If you want to create a bond between you both, you have to look at him in all consciousness. If you do that, there will be a communication of vibrations between the Sun and you in which forms and colors, a whole new world will be born. And you will attract forces and intelligent beings who will come and dance and bathe in the beauty of the dialogue, the conversation taking place between you and the Sun. If you really want to obtain all the blessings from the Sun, you have to prepare yourself to get ready for that beautiful moment. Think of a glorious world, a culture and a civilization that surpass all imagination. Then you can picture it as a wondrous world with the most perfect creatures, beings of light who live in sublime intelligence and in absolute love and purity.


Sun Gazing
Looking directly at the Sun (Maximum 30 Minutes)


Note:- Beginners to gaze for 5-7 minutes. In case the eyes water, please close your eyes.  Then slowly increase your gazing time from 5 min, increasing every 3rd day 1 additional minute. Go up to 25-30 minutes(it will take 2-3 months). If Sun is too bright and you find it difficult to gaze, bend your head and look through your eyebrows. (Read PRECAUTIONS)

  1. Rub your forehead and place the special silver coin in 3rd eye position. (Learn why use a Silver Coin?)
  2. Place hands in Sun symbol position, touching your body (just below the navel)
  3. Stand/sit, facing Sun,(East in the morning, west in the evening) – close  your eyes. Think and thank with gratitude,  your Mother, Father, Guru, and God’. Affirm like a child looking  towards a mother, with no thoughts in the mind.  Say: “ You are my 1st Guru, my nearest and dearest friend and well-wisher".
  4. Slowly open your eyes with a beautiful smile. Keep Smiling throughout the process. This helps the energy to flow easily. Gaze at the Sun, with eyes wide open. Let your mind not wander and let your concentration be only on the Sun.
  5. Feel the pranic breathing through your physical eyes and the coin in your 3rd eye position.
  6. Breath OUT all negativity and problems, not only physical imbalance but mental as well, like anger, arrogance, jealousy, lust, selfishness, unwanted desires, thinking ill of others, and all your physical ailments. Let it all go out through the solar Plexus.


You may repeat this affirmation, in your mind, coordinating it with your breath: “Love in – Negativity Out”.


MEDITATION  - with closed eyes


(Duration Minimum 10 minutes)
Close your eyes and see the light in your 3rd eye. Enjoy and soak in this light. Breath in the love-light energy through your 3rd eye.  Breath out the love-light energy through 3rd eye. Affirmation: “Love in love throughout."



(Minimum 7 minutes or more)
Now direct that love energy into your heart. Feel your heart filling with curative energies. As the blood flows through the heart, each molecule, each cell in your blood is becoming energized and illumined. Move this energized blood to all parts of your body.Feel your organs and glands are becoming very strong and healthy now.

Soak in this glow of light and experience this within yourself. Experience the light everywhere:”The light is all around you. The light is in you. You are the light!” Now radiate this light all around you. Shower the light on all your relatives, friends, enemies, sick people, living and  non-living entities. Then slowly expand the light to the whole universe and glow like the Sun. Repeat mentally 3 times this affirmation with conviction: “I am the luminous love light of the universe.” Hold this position for some time. Slowly come back to the present.


Release  the hand position and with eyes closed, bend down, touch Mother Earth with Palms and Forehead.  Let the silver coin touch Mother Earth. Take a deep breath and let everything go. Surrender to the Mother Earth, thanking Mother Earth with love.

Come back to sitting position. Rub your hands together to create heat in your palms, then cup your eyes with your palms. Feel the energy healing your eyes. Blink 6-7 times getting used to the light slowly open your eyes. Bring hands in folded prayer position. Thank the Sun for illuminating your inner light, with a beautiful smile. Great everyone around you with a loving smile.



1. Stand and Clap minimum 324 times for good health.

2. Laugh Loudly, to remove all negativities within you and to free yourself from all inner blocks.

3. Finally end the session with a Love song in praise of SUN which is given below .  Those who cannot sing the  song, can sing another one or mentally express their gratitude to SUN and depart.

Akanda Jyothir Jalavo (2 times)
Soorya… Man Mandir Me
Akanda Jyothir Jalavo
Divya jyothir, Jnana jyothir
Prema jyothir jalavo ( 2 times)
Akanda Jyothir Jalavo
Divya jyothir jalavo
Jnana jyothir jalavo
Prema jyothir jalavo
Akanda Jyothir Jalavo (2)
Soorya… Man Mandir Me
Akanda Jyothir Jalavo(3)
Soorya jyothir jalavo

JAI Soorya
JAI Soorya

Do this practice daily. Be regular to receive full benefits. Avoid coffee, tea, or food before doing Sooryayog. Wear loose, white or light coloured clothing to absorb the energy and keep you cool.

Do this technique within one hour of Sunrise or Sunset, not at other times. Do not look at the Sun at other times during the day. Talk less during the day – it conserves energy and brings more peace. Eat only simple and light food in the evening, preferably before Sunset.

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